Turbosmart WG38/40 Actuator Collar

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  • SKU TS-0550-3009

Express your individuality and elevate your engine bay aesthetics with the Turbosmart WG38/40 Actuator Collar. Not just a functional component, this accessory allows you to personalize your favorite wastegates and blow off valves. Turbosmart understands the enthusiast's desire to stand out, and the range of colored collars offers a unique touch, ensuring your engine bay reflects your distinctive style.

Key Features:

  • Wide Color Range: Choose from a variety of colors to suit your preferences and match your vehicle's theme.
  • High-Quality Anodized Finish: The collars are treated with a durable anodized finish, ensuring longevity and resistance to the rigors of the engine bay environment.
  • Australian-Made Quality: Crafted with the same high standards as other Turbosmart components, the colored accent collars undergo rigorous quality control processes.

Same High-Quality Components, New Colors: The Turbosmart colored Accent Collars maintain the same high-quality components as other Turbosmart products, now with a unique anodized finish. Available colors include Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Platinum, and Gold.

Customize and Personalize: Turbosmart products are designed for both motorsport and performance street cars, and the colored accent collars allow you to customize and personalize your Turbosmart gear for a unique look.

Genuine Turbosmart Accessories: Turbosmart spares and accessories are genuine components made to fit, ensuring you can rebuild, repair, and maintain your Turbosmart gear with high-quality parts. These components are readily available through Turbosmart's global locations and dealer network.

Elevate your engine bay aesthetics and showcase your unique style with the Turbosmart WG38/40 Actuator Collar, because your passion deserves to be seen.