Turbosmart WG38/40 5psi Grey Inner Spring

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  • SKU TS-0550-3082

Upgrade your external wastegate setup with the Turbosmart WG38/40 5psi Grey Inner Spring. Specifically designed for the WG38/40 wastegate model, this grey inner spring ensures the ideal boost pressure for a wide range of turbochargers. Turbosmart's meticulous design guarantees consistent and reliable performance, even under extreme conditions. With a focus on durability, this spring is built to last for years, delivering maximum performance with minimal maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Turbosmart WG38/40 wastegates.

  • Grey Inner Spring: Easily identifiable grey color for quick and accurate spring selection.

  • 5psi Spring Pressure: Provides the ideal boost pressure for various turbochargers, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Maximum Performance, Minimal Maintenance: Turbosmart's WG38/40 5psi Grey Inner Spring is engineered to provide maximum performance over an extended period, requiring minimal maintenance. Trust in its durability for consistent results.

Ensure your setup meets the highest standards with Turbosmart's best-in-class external wastegate spring. Upgrade your wastegate system with the WG38/40 5psi Grey Inner Spring and experience the benefits of precise boost control and reliable turbocharger performance. Trust in Turbosmart for quality and longevity in forced induction systems.