Turbosmart T40 Oil Pressure Regulator - Blue

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  • SKU TS-0801-1001

Product Description: The Turbosmart T40 Oil Pressure Regulator (OPRt40) redefines oil pressure management for turbocharged engines. Specifically engineered for turbocharger systems, this regulator ensures precise and consistent oil pressure without compromising flow, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Innovative Oil Pressure Control: Designed to address the challenges of turbocharger oil pressure compatibility, the OPRt40 stands out as a true regulator. It maintains a constant oil pressure of 40psi without impeding oil flow, eliminating the need for restrictive measures. By ensuring a steady and controlled oil supply, it prevents oil pressure from exceeding the manufacturer's tolerances.

Enhanced Turbocharger Performance: The regulator's fixed 40psi configuration, coupled with -4 AN ports and a 1/8 NPT gauge port, offers seamless integration into diverse turbocharger setups. It optimizes oil pressure profiles, providing a reliable and consistent supply to turbochargers for enhanced performance.

Precision Engineering and Accessories: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the OPRt40 arrives in a striking blue finish (also available in black) and includes a mounting bracket, circlip, and 1/8 NPT gauge port blanking screw. These included accessories facilitate a straightforward installation process.

Comprehensive Oil Management Solution: For a complete oil management solution, explore Turbosmart's lineup of Billet Turbo Oil Feed Filters and Billet Turbo Oil Drain components, ensuring a well-maintained and high-performing engine.

Key Features Summary:

  • Fixed 40psi Configuration for Consistent Oil Pressure
  • -4 AN Ports and 1/8 NPT Gauge Port for Versatile Compatibility
  • Precision Engineering for Optimized Turbocharger Performance
  • Accessories Included for Easy Installation
  • Ensures Manufacturer Tolerances for Turbocharger Oil Supply

For turbocharged engines seeking precise oil pressure control while maintaining unrestricted oil flow, the Turbosmart T40 Oil Pressure Regulator (OPRt40) in a sleek blue finish stands as an exceptional solution, providing stable and reliable oil supply at the optimal pressure for peak turbocharger performance.