TurboSmart Raceport Gen V HE Sensor Cap - Black

SKU: TS-0204-1232
$461.95 $513.28

Gain unprecedented insights into your engine's performance with the TurboSmart RacePort Gen V HE Sensor Cap in sleek black. This innovative 'Sensor Cap' is designed for the GenV RacePort, providing a unique solution that allows you to monitor the blow-off valve (BOV) position for diagnostic or tuning purposes. TurboSmart leads the market with the first-of-its-kind Sensor Cap, offering unparalleled benefits for both calibration and performance monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring BOV Position: The Sensor Cap enables real-time monitoring of the blow-off valve position, offering valuable data for diagnostic and tuning purposes.
  • Calibration Optimization: Ideal for users employing the BOV for traction/torque control, allowing precise calibration adjustments based on the BOV position.
  • Diagnostic Insights: Easily verify the BOV's status by checking logs, ensuring it stays closed when needed, providing a reliable and efficient engine operation.

Unmatched Diagnostic and Tuning Capability: Whether you're fine-tuning your calibration process or troubleshooting engine performance, the TurboSmart RacePort Gen V HE Sensor Cap provides invaluable diagnostic insights. Stay ahead of the curve with this cutting-edge accessory.

Sleek Black Design: The Sensor Cap comes in a stylish black finish, complementing the aesthetics of your engine bay. TurboSmart combines functionality with a sleek design to elevate your tuning experience.

TurboSmart Innovation: As a pioneer in forced induction solutions, TurboSmart continues to push boundaries with innovative products. The GenV RacePort 'Sensor Cap' exemplifies TurboSmart's commitment to providing enthusiasts with advanced tools for optimizing engine performance.

Invest in Precision Monitoring: Ensure your engine operates at peak performance by investing in the TurboSmart RacePort Gen V HE Sensor Cap. With TurboSmart, you're equipped with the latest technology to monitor and optimize your blow-off valve's performance.