Turbosmart IWG75 8mm (.31in) Internal Wastegate Clevis

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  • SKU TS-0600-3003

Upgrade and fine-tune your Turbosmart IWG75 Internal Wastegate with the Turbosmart IWG75 8mm (.31in) Internal Wastegate Clevis. Engineered for the IWG75 Universal Range, this clevis is a crucial component for optimizing your wastegate's performance. With a 1/4" UNF thread (or M6 thread), the Turbosmart clevis ensures a secure and precise fit.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and durability to meet Turbosmart's stringent standards.
  • 8mm Size: Designed with an 8mm (.31in) diameter for compatibility with specific applications.
  • Thread Options: Available with a 1/4" UNF thread, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Engineered for use with Turbosmart IWG75 Internal Wastegate Universal Range.

Selecting the Correct Clevis: Turbosmart offers clevis options in various lengths and for different hole or pin sizes. To ensure the correct component selection, refer to the description provided. For example: Clevis Suit IWG75 (1/4" UNF thread) 6.3mm x 50mm, where 6.3mm is the hole inside diameter (I.D) or pin outside diameter (O.D), and 50mm is the length of the clevis.

Enhance Your Wastegate's Performance: The Turbosmart IWG75 8mm (.31in) Internal Wastegate Clevis is designed to enhance the performance of your internal wastegate. Upgrade with confidence, knowing that Turbosmart delivers quality components engineered for precision and reliability.

Precision Engineering for Performance: Trust Turbosmart's commitment to precision engineering. The IWG75 8mm (.31in) Internal Wastegate Clevis exemplifies Turbosmart's dedication to providing enthusiasts with components that deliver optimal performance.

Upgrade with Turbosmart: Elevate your internal wastegate's performance with the Turbosmart IWG75 8mm (.31in) Internal Wastegate Clevis. Designed for compatibility, durability, and performance, Turbosmart brings you the components you can trust.