Turbosmart GBCV SS/DS Replacement Tee

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  • SKU TS-0105-3002

Enhance the performance and reliability of your boost control system with the Turbosmart GBCV SS/DS Replacement Tee. Specifically designed for 'In Cabin' and 'Dual Stage' Manual Boost Controllers, this replacement Tee Piece is a superior and efficient alternative to the original. With an easy installation process and immediate results, Turbosmart's Tee Piece ensures accurate boost pressure control in various applications, providing peace of mind for your setup in any driving conditions.

Key Features:

  • Replacement Tee Piece: Designed as a reliable and efficient replacement for 'In Cabin' and 'Dual Stage' Manual Boost Controllers.

  • Easy Installation: Streamlined installation process for immediate and hassle-free results.

  • Accurate Boost Pressure Control: Ensures precision in boost pressure control, enhancing the overall performance of your boost control system.

Durability and Reliability: Built with Turbosmart's commitment to durability and reliability, the Replacement Tee Piece is designed to endure diverse conditions, offering peace of mind for your vehicle's setup.

Track-Ready and Trail-Tested: Equip your rig with the best by choosing Turbosmart's Replacement Tee Piece. Trust that your vehicle is ready to tackle any track or terrain with the reliability and efficiency that Turbosmart delivers.

Upgrade your boost control system with Turbosmart's GBCV SS/DS Replacement Tee and experience the performance benefits that precision engineering can bring to your vehicle.