Turbosmart GBCV In Cabin Black

SKU: TS-0106-1002
$125.95 $139.94

Take control of your boost from the driver's seat with the Turbosmart GBCV In Cabin Black. Designed for the active enthusiast who demands boost adjustment on the go, this boost control valve features a Detent System for easy adjustments and a Gated System for faster boost onset.

Key Features:

  • In-Cabin Boost Control: Control your boost levels conveniently from the driver's seat, allowing on-the-fly adjustments to suit different driving conditions.

  • Detent System: Streamlined boost adjustments made easy, ensuring precise tuning of boost pressure.

  • Gated System: Accelerates boost onset, providing a faster response and improved turbo performance.

Performance Advantages: The Turbosmart GBCV In Cabin Black offers the following performance advantages:

  • Exclusive Gate feature minimizes wastegate creep, improving turbo response by up to 800 rpm earlier in the rev range.
  • Stable increases in boost over wastegate spring pressure for enhanced engine performance.

High-Quality Construction: Manufactured from high-grade brass and billet aluminum, Turbosmart boost controllers are known for their durability and stability. The detent adjustment system allows for accurate and straightforward tuning of boost pressure.

Ideal for Various Applications: The Turbosmart GBCV In Cabin Black is ideal for mildly modified turbocharged engines and serves as the perfect solution for increasing boost levels on factory turbo cars and engines.

Upgrade your boost control experience with the Turbosmart GBCV In Cabin Black, and enjoy the benefits of responsive tuning and improved turbo performance. Trust in Turbosmart for quality and reliability in forced induction systems.