Turbosmart eBoost2 HP - 60mm Black Face/Black Bezel 120psi Boost Controller w/ 4 Port Solenoid

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  • SKU TS-0301-1121

Description: Elevate your turbocharged vehicle's performance with the Turbosmart eBoost2 HP - 60mm Black Face/Black Bezel 120psi Boost Controller featuring a 4 Port Solenoid. Designed for precise boost control, this advanced eBoostHP 4 Port edition is capable of handling up to 120 PSI, offering a wider tuning window and expanded tuning options for optimal performance customization.

The eBoost2 stands as more than just a boost controller—it's a comprehensive Boost Management System enabling control, monitoring, mapping, and compensation of boost. Beyond boost regulation, this system empowers users to manage water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, shift/warning lights, and RPM monitoring. With a decade-long track record of effectively managing up to six stages of boost by gear, RPM, time, and more, up to 60 psi, the eBoost2 ensures your vehicle operates within safe parameters, thanks to its over-boost shutdown feature.

Crafted with state-of-the-art software in a self-contained gauge pod, the eBoost2 is user-friendly and logically designed. Standardized with a 60psi max boost operating pressure (optional 120 HP Version), this Boost Management System offers a complete package with market-leading features. Its seamless blend of simplicity and technological advancement makes it equally suitable for street-going vehicles and top-tier racecars.

Equipped with a billet aluminum housing and Australian-developed, manufactured, and hand-assembled components, the eBoost2 delivers an array of features:

  • Up to 6 Boost Settings, including Boost by RPM, Time, Gear, and on Demand (Push to pass)
  • Turbosmart Gate Feature for precise boost regulation
  • RPM Compensation
  • Peak Hold/Max Boost Recall for performance analysis
  • Live Boost or RPM readout for real-time monitoring
  • Overboost Shutdown for engine safety.

Discover the pinnacle of boost control and fine-tuning capabilities with the Turbosmart eBoost2 HP - 60mm Boost Controller, the essential accessory for all turbocharged vehicle owners seeking optimized performance.