Turbosmart BOV Supersonic Subaru -Blue

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  • SKU TS-0205-1315

Upgrade your Subaru's performance with the Turbosmart BOV Supersonic in striking Blue. This Supersonic BOV is not just a component; it's a statement. Engineered for serious street tuners and racers, it offers an easy installation and setup process, making it the preferred venting solution for enthusiasts seeking significant flow and an even bigger sound.

Easy Installation and Setup: The Turbosmart BOV Supersonic Subaru - Blue is designed with user convenience in mind. The straightforward installation and setup process ensures that you spend less time in the garage and more time experiencing the enhanced performance of your Subaru.

Preferred Venting Solution: For serious street tuners and racers, the Supersonic BOV is the go-to choice. Its design is optimized for venting, providing superior flow that is essential for those who demand top-notch performance from their vehicles.

Performance Features:

  • Striking Blue color for a stylish and distinctive look.
  • Easy installation and setup for user convenience.
  • Preferred venting solution for serious street tuners and racers.
  • Significant flow for enhanced performance.
  • Delivers an even bigger sound, making a bold statement on the streets and the track.

Upgrade your Subaru with the Turbosmart BOV Supersonic - Blue and experience the perfect fusion of style and performance. Unleash the power of your vehicle and make every drive an exhilarating experience with Turbosmart – where performance meets precision.