Turbosmart BOV Supersonic Mazda/Subaru -Black

SKU: TS-0205-1310
$323.95 $359.94

Unleash the power of your Mazda or Subaru with the Turbosmart BOV Supersonic in sleek Black. The Bov5 is a 38mm positive-seal piston-style valve, featuring motorsport-proven boost-balance technology, ensuring that the more boost you feed, the better it seals – it's as simple as that!

Performance Unleashed: Crafted from precision-matched Billet Aluminum, the Supersonic Bov5 is hand-assembled to ensure maximum response. Tested rigorously for correct seal and operation, this valve is a powerhouse, capable of bypassing up to 800HP worth of air.

Supersonic Symphony: The Supersonic Bov5 is all about noise, flow, and a 100% Vent to Atmosphere experience. Perfect for vehicles not equipped with Air Flow Meters, it features a single large trumpet for maximum auditory presence. Let your vehicle announce its power with the Supersonic Symphony.

Available Variants:

  • Blue Dual Port: TS-0205-1009
  • Black Dual Port: TS-0205-1010
  • Blue SuperSonic: TS-0205-1309
  • Black SuperSonic: TS-0205-1310

Key Features:

  • Billet Aluminum Construction for durability and top-tier performance.
  • Boost Balance Technology for optimal sealing with increasing boost levels.
  • 38mm Positive Seal Piston ensures precise and efficient operation.
  • Vehicle Specific Flange guarantees a perfect fit.

This Vehicle Specific Valve is designed for the Mazda 2.3L 3/6 MPS, CX7, as well as selected Subaru Forester, Legacy, and WRX models from 2008-2014. Elevate your driving experience and make a statement with the Turbosmart BOV Supersonic – where power meets performance in a symphony of style.