Turbosmart BOV Smart Port Dual Port Mitsubishi Evo 4 Through X - Black

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  • SKU TS-0215-1023

Product Description: Upgrade your Mitsubishi Evo IV through X with the Turbosmart BOV Smart Port Dual Port in Black, a precision-engineered, direct-fit replacement for the factory unit designed to handle a wide range of vehicles from stock to heavily modified ones with upgraded turbochargers.

Smart Port Technology: The Turbosmart Smart Port BOV revolutionizes blow-off valve design with its advanced features and precision CNC machined billet components. Operating through two staged ports and a one-way valve on the trumpet outlet, this innovative valve functions both as a bypass and vent-to-atmosphere valve in one unit. This unique design eliminates stalling and significantly reduces the chances of low-speed compressor surge, ensuring optimal performance in various driving conditions. Additionally, the Smart Port's lightweight piston, constructed from aerospace alloy with a military-spec coating, ensures swift valve response, superior sealing, and exceptional durability.

Supplied Components: The package includes the BOV5 Smart Port/Dual Port BOV, along with a port blanking plug for an optional switch to bypass mode, offering flexibility in operation. The Red Spring Rates installed range from -17 to -14 InHg, providing precise control and adjustment. Furthermore, the package includes vacuum hoses, clamps, and a Turbosmart sticker.

Upgrade your Mitsubishi Evo's performance with the Turbosmart BOV Smart Port Dual Port in Black, offering advanced technology, enhanced functionality, and superior durability. Experience optimal blow-off valve performance that adapts to your vehicle's needs, ensuring seamless operation and improved driving dynamics on stock or heavily modified setups.