Turbosmart BOV Power Port w/ Sensor Cap - Black

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  • SKU TS-0207-1102

Product Description: The Turbosmart BOV Power Port with Sensor Cap in Black sets a new standard in blow-off valve performance, boasting remarkable flow rates and advanced control strategies for high-horsepower applications, all while maintaining a lightweight construction to minimize vehicle weight.

Cutting-Edge Design: Turbosmart's PowerPort represents the pinnacle of blow-off valve technology, offering the highest flow rates yet keeping weight to a minimum. Its innovative dual-chamber design allows for advanced control strategies, such as being held open with a solenoid to enhance turbo response and control during staging, ideal for optimizing launch performance in drag racing and similar applications.

High-Performance Functionality: Flowing over 600CFM through its 2.5" (63mm) inlet, this diaphragm-operated valve is engineered to handle significant airflows, making it an ideal choice for high-horsepower applications while maintaining exceptional response and boost handling. The twin port control enables sophisticated control strategies, accommodating various setups and supercharged applications.

Feature Highlights:

  • Billet 6000 Series Aluminium Construction: Ensures durability and high performance.
  • Quick Release V-Band Collar: Facilitates easy fitment and serviceability.
  • MILSPEC Hard Anodized Valve: Ensures durability under high-stress conditions.
  • User Configurable Springs: Allows customization for different setups.
  • Optional Valve Position Sensor: Offers additional monitoring capabilities.
  • Collar Secured Cap: Facilitates quick spring changes and servicing.

Supplied Components: The package includes the PowerPort Black with a sensor cap, 1/4" -4AN Nipple, 1/8" NPT Blank, 1/8" NPT Nipple, Profiled Inlet Weld-On Flange (Alloy), and Collar Tool, providing everything needed for installation and service. Additionally, it includes a Turbosmart sticker.

Select the Turbosmart BOV Power Port with Sensor Cap in Black for unmatched performance, advanced control strategies, and exceptional airflow handling, perfect for high-horsepower applications. This blow-off valve represents the pinnacle of Turbosmart's engineering prowess, designed, manufactured, and validated in Australia for unparalleled quality and performance.