Turbosmart BOV Power Port - Blue

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  • SKU TS-0207-1001

Product Description: The Turbosmart BOV Power Port in striking blue represents the pinnacle of blow-off valve technology, offering unmatched airflow and performance. Engineered to maintain a lightweight profile while maximizing airflow, this valve is designed for optimal performance across various applications.

Cutting-Edge Design for Superior Performance: Featuring an innovative dual-chamber design, the Power Port offers advanced control strategies. It can be strategically held open with a solenoid to assist turbo response and control during staging, enhancing launch performance in drag racing scenarios.

High-Flow Capability for High-Horsepower Applications: With a 2.5″ (63mm) inlet, this diaphragm-operated valve delivers over 600 CFM, making it an ideal choice for high-horsepower applications. The twin-port control feature allows for advanced control strategies, catering to both traditional setups and specific supercharged applications.

Comprehensive Features for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Constructed from billet 6000 series aluminum, ensuring durability and performance
  • Equipped with a quick-release V-Ban collar for effortless fitting and servicing
  • Incorporates MILSPEC hard-anodized valve for durability in demanding conditions
  • Includes 1/8NPT reference fittings for twin-port functionality
  • Features a collar-secured cap, enabling swift spring changes and servicing
  • Offers three user-configurable corrosion-resistant springs for versatile configurations
  • Optional valve position sensor available for added functionality
  • Pre-drilled collar for lockwire provision, ensuring security

Australian-Engineered Excellence: Engineered, manufactured, and rigorously validated in Australia, the Power Port stands as a testament to high-quality design and manufacturing standards.

Available Variants:

  • Black: TS-0207-1002
  • Blue: TS-0207-1001
  • Sensor Cap (Black Only): TS-0207-1102
  • Supercharger (Black Only): TS-0207-1003

For high-performance vehicles seeking unparalleled airflow, responsiveness, and a sleek blue finish, the Turbosmart BOV Power Port in blue is the ultimate solution, delivering exceptional performance and reliability in a lightweight and efficient design.