Turbosmart BOV Nissan Flange Adapter Kit

SKU: TS-0205-2057
$83.95 $93.28

Product Description:

The Turbosmart BOV Nissan Flange Adapter Kit is tailored to fit the Nissan R32, R33, and R34 GTR, as well as R33 and R34 GTS-T models. This kit revolutionizes the installation process of Turbosmart Universal Plumb Back, Dual Port, or Supersonic BOVs with an innovative quick-change V-Band, streamlining the setup for an effortless fit. Complete with a gasket for secure and hassle-free installation, this adapter kit maintains Turbosmart's reputation for reliability and top-notch performance. Embrace the trusted quality that Turbosmart consistently delivers, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak potential. Elevate your automotive performance with the Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Flange Adapter Kit—it's the ultimate choice for unleashing maximum power and torque!