Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port - 98-00 Subaru Forester / 99 WRX

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  • SKU TS-0203-1016

Product Description: The Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port is a specialized dual outlet-type blow-off valve meticulously designed for the Subaru 98-00 Forester and MY99 WRX models. This BOV provides versatile performance by venting both into the atmosphere and back into the air intake system.

Dual Port Functionality: Tailored explicitly for the mentioned Subaru models, the Kompact Dual Port BOV features ports with sequential timing, ensuring quieter operation during daily driving while offering the performance and sound characteristics of a vent-to-atmosphere BOV when driving demands increase.

Enhanced Durability and Performance: Constructed with high-quality machined billet aluminum, this valve is engineered to prevent damaging compressor surge that can hinder turbo performance. Its anodized billet aluminum body and lightweight alloy piston ensure extreme durability, superior response, and excellent boost-holding capability, optimizing performance without compromising reliability.

Performance Benefits: The standard valves in many vehicles are not always capable of managing damaging compressor surge effectively. As these components age, they can fatigue and leak, leading to significant boost leaks. The Kompact Dual Port BOV addresses these issues, providing reliable performance and preventing loss of power due to compromised turbo functionality.

Ideal for Various Modifications: Perfect for owners of stock to lightly-modified cars, this Kompact Dual Port BOV offers the sought-after vent-to-atmosphere BOV sound in an OEM-replacement, space-efficient package. It is an ideal solution for enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance and that classic BOV sound without extensive modifications.

The Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port is the ultimate solution for Subaru 98-00 Forester and MY99 WRX owners, offering versatile performance, enhanced durability, and superior response, ensuring optimal turbo performance and that coveted vent-to-atmosphere BOV sound in a compact, space-saving design.