Turbosmart BOV Dual Port Subaru-Blue

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  • SKU TS-0205-1015

Product Description:

Elevate your Subaru's performance with the Turbosmart Dual Port BOV in striking blue. Engineered for seamless installation and effortless setup, this BOV is your ticket to enhanced performance and precision.

Crafted with sequential ports, it ensures whisper-quiet operation during mild boost, preserving the tranquility of your drive. But when it's time to unleash the full potential, rest assured, this BOV seamlessly transitions to full performance at max boost, delivering an exhilarating experience with every acceleration.

Designed to complement your Subaru's power, this Dual Port BOV stands as a testament to Turbosmart's commitment to quality, ensuring optimal functionality and a performance boost you can feel.


  • Easy installation for hassle-free setup
  • Sequential ports for quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at max boost
  • Engineered specifically for Subaru models
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance

Upgrade your Subaru's forced induction system and embrace the power and precision of the Turbosmart Dual Port BOV in captivating blue.