Turbosmart BOV Dual Port Maz/Sub-Black

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  • SKU TS-0205-1010

Upgrade your vehicle's performance with the Turbosmart BOV Dual Port Maz/Sub-Black. Engineered with precision and built for maximum response, this 38mm positive-seal piston-style valve is a powerhouse of boost-balance technology. The more boost you feed, the better it seals – it's as simple as that!

Crafted from high-quality Billet Aluminum and hand-assembled with a precision-matched piston, each valve undergoes rigorous testing to ensure correct seal and operation before reaching your doorstep. With the capability to bypass up to 800HP worth of air, the Turbosmart BOV Dual Port is a reliable companion for power enthusiasts.

The Dual Port BOV5 is designed with factory ECU and Airflow meter sensor-friendly recirculation of air under light throttle and boost conditions. The vent-to-atmosphere trumpet comes into play under substantial power and boost, utilizing a staged venting strategy to handle massive amounts of air.

Key Features:

  • Billet Aluminum Construction for durability and performance.
  • Boost Balance Technology ensures optimal sealing with increasing boost levels.
  • 38mm Positive Seal Piston for precise and efficient operation.
  • Vehicle Specific Flange for a perfect fit.

Available Variants:

  • Blue Dual Port: TS-0205-1009
  • Black Dual Port: TS-0205-1010
  • Blue SuperSonic: TS-0205-1309
  • Black SuperSonic: TS-0205-1310

This specific Turbosmart BOV Dual Port is tailored for Mazda 2.3L 3/6 MPS, CX7, and selected Subaru Forester, Legacy, and WRX models from 2008-2014. Elevate your driving experience with a valve that doesn't just handle power but enhances it. Trust in Turbosmart for performance that goes beyond expectations.