Turbosmart BOV controller kit (controller + custom Raceport) BLUE

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  • SKU TS-0304-1001

Product Description:

Elevate your diesel or low/no vacuum performance engine to new auditory heights with the Turbosmart RacePort BOV Controller Kit in stunning Blue. This comprehensive kit includes the Turbosmart BOV Controller and a RacePort 50mm VTA (Vent to Atmosphere) Blow Off Valve, tailored for universal applications.

The Turbosmart BOV Controller, an electrical marvel, integrates a controller, solenoid, and essential hoses for seamless installation. Leveraging throttle pedal input, this controller energizes a solenoid to orchestrate your chosen valve's venting. Customize its sensitivity and activation duration to precisely match your preferences. Engineered for engines like diesel and other 'low/no' vacuum signal engines mandating dump or Diverter Valves, this controller delivers optimal performance.

Renowned for its diminutive size and prowess, the Turbosmart RacePort is the featherweight contender in the realm of forced induction competition-grade engines. Its unique collar design and internal flow structures make it 50% lighter and 25% smaller than competitors while boasting a 330 CFM flow rate—a market leader in its category.

Turbosmart's Boost-Balance System ensures improved closure and sealing with increased boost, simplifying its operation. Constructed from Billet Aluminum, it operates via a diaphragm for rapid response, employing V-Band fitment and offering a spectrum of springs to suit diverse needs.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Duration
  • Billet 6000 Series Aluminum Construction
  • CFD-Driven & Optimized Design
  • 2.0" / 50mm Inlet with Over 330CFM Flow
  • Quick Release V-Band
  • Unique Locking Collar Design
  • MILSPEC Hard-Anodized Valve Guide and Stem
  • High-Temp Proprietary Silicon Nomex Diaphragm
  • Positive Sealing Valve Seat
  • Twin 1/8 NPT Reference Fittings
  • 5 User-Configurable Spring Options Available

Available Configurations:

  • BOV Controller Unit Only: TS-0304-1003
  • BOV Controller with Kompact Supersonic: TS-0304-1006
  • BOV Controller with BOV5 Supersonic: TS-0304-1005
  • BOV Controller with RacePort – Black: TS-0304-1002
  • BOV Controller with RacePort – Blue: TS-0304-1001
  • BOV Controller with Bubba Sonic: TS-0304-1009

Unleash the auditory prowess and optimize your engine's performance—experience the Turbosmart RacePort BOV Controller Kit today!