Turbosmart BOV Block-Off Cap Mini R56

SKU: TS-0203-1103
$35.95 $39.94

Product Description: The Turbosmart BOV Block-Off Cap Mini R56 is a specialized Turbosmart Billet Blanking Plate meticulously engineered for Borg-Warner EFR, KKK, and Mini R56 Turbos, offering a solution that eliminates the need for an additional diverter valve when integrating an external BOV into your turbocharger setup.

Purpose-Built Design: Crafted with precision, this billet blanking plate is tailored specifically for Borg-Warner EFR, KKK, and Mini R56 Turbos. By replacing the diverter valve, it streamlines the installation of an external BOV in your turbocharged setup, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

High-Quality Construction: Turbosmart’s billet blanking plate boasts a high-quality design, ensuring excellent sealing without the risk of leaks or blow-offs. Its durable construction guarantees reliability and longevity, providing a robust solution for enhancing the performance of your turbocharged vehicle.

Installation Convenience: Included in the Turbosmart package is an installation tool, facilitating quick and easy fitting of this essential component. The inclusion of the installation tool streamlines the setup process, ensuring hassle-free integration of the billet blanking plate.

Essential Performance Enhancement: Turbosmart’s Billet Blanking Plate is an essential component for those seeking to improve the performance and functionality of their turbocharged vehicle. Invest in Turbosmart today to enjoy peak performance, reliability, and efficiency for years to come.

Upgrade your turbocharged vehicle with the Turbosmart BOV Block-Off Cap Mini R56, a precision-engineered Billet Blanking Plate designed to eliminate the need for an additional diverter valve, ensuring a streamlined installation process for an external BOV. With its high-quality design and included installation tool, this component is an essential addition for enhancing the performance and reliability of your turbo setup.