Turbosmart Boost Tee Manual Boost Controller - Black

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  • SKU TS-0101-1102

Introducing the All-New Boost Tee by Turbosmart – a revamped version of the popular Boost Tee, now featuring a more compact and ergonomic design. With a 33% reduction in size, the All-New Boost Tee maintains the functionality that users love, including the unique Gate Feature for optimal boost response, an anti-tamper locking feature, and user-friendly operation.

Key Features:

  • Proven Detent System: Enables simple and defined boost control in specified steps.
  • Unique Gate Feature: Maximizes boost response for enhanced performance.
  • Elegant, Small & Light Design: The facelift incorporates a sleek, compact, and lightweight structure.
  • Design Patent (Pending): Reflects Turbosmart's innovation and commitment to quality.

Boost Tee Functionality: The Boost Tee serves as a pneumatic bleed valve designed for turbocharger systems utilizing boost-based actuators. Suitable for both internal and external wastegate systems, it manipulates the reference signal to achieve increased boost beyond the base spring pressure. Users can experience boost increases ranging from 100% to 200% over the base spring pressure.

Construction: Manufactured in Australia using High-Grade Brass and Billet Aluminum, the Boost Tee ensures durability, reliability, and optimal performance.

Available Variants:

  • Blue: TS-0101-1101
  • Black: TS-0101-1102