Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter 97+ Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 ZD30DDTI/TD42T - Black

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Product Description:

Enhance the performance monitoring capabilities of your Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 ZD30DDTi/TD42T with the Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter in Black. Specifically designed for Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 models equipped with ZD30DDTi and TD42T turbo diesel engines, this adapter is a precision-engineered solution.

Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapters (BRAs) provide access to a dependable boost reference without compromising the standard sensors and control systems of your vehicle. Installing between the MAP sensor and its mounting position on the intercooler, this adapter offers two ports while maintaining uninterrupted pressure to the MAP sensor itself.

The dual ports allow users to integrate various accessories like boost gauges and wastegate actuators. This system ensures the responsiveness, versatility, and reliability akin to a traditional manifold pressure-operated setup while offering the flexibility to accommodate additional functionalities.

Crafted with precision from billet aluminum, Turbosmart’s BRAs guarantee a seamless fit, zero leaks, and complete compatibility with OEM components, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

Compatible with:

  • Nissan Patrol ZD30DDTi 3.0TD 1997-current
  • Nissan Patrol TD42T 4.2TD 1997-current

Upgrade your Nissan Patrol's monitoring capabilities and integrate additional functionalities seamlessly with the Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter. Enjoy enhanced versatility and precise performance monitoring without compromising your vehicle's standard sensors and control systems.