Turbosmart Boost Gauge 0-60PSI 52mm

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  • SKU TS-0701-1012

Description: Upgrade your turbo diesel vehicle's performance monitoring with the Turbosmart Boost Gauge 0-60PSI 52mm. Tailored explicitly for turbo diesel engines, this Electric Boost Only Gauge stands out by measuring boost levels from 0 to 60 PSI. Unlike mechanical gauges that also detect vacuum, this specialized gauge focuses solely on delivering accurate boost readings, offering precise insights into your turbo diesel's performance.

Included in this package are essential accessories for easy installation and optimal functionality: a bracket, anti-glare shield, MAP sensor, wiring harness, and PVC hose. The gauge's design features a 57mm fascia diameter for the gauge and bezel, ensuring a sleek and visible display, while the rear diameter of the gauge body measures 52mm for seamless fitting.

Enhance your turbo diesel engine's capabilities and monitor boost levels accurately with the Turbosmart Boost Gauge, designed specifically to cater to turbo diesel engines producing up to 60 PSI of boost.