Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain Adapter w/ Silicon O-Ring 38-44mm Slotted Hole (Universal Fit)

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  • SKU TS-0804-1010

Product Description: The Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain Adapter with Silicon O-Ring exemplifies precision and reliability. Australian-made using top-tier materials and hard anodized for prolonged durability and an appealing finish.

Versatile Fitment: Crafted for medium frame turbochargers with 38-44mm bolt spacing, this adapter features a slotted design, ensuring a multi-fitment compatibility for various setups. Its adaptability makes it a versatile choice for turbo enthusiasts seeking a universal fitment solution.

Robust Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials and hardened through anodization, this adapter guarantees lasting durability and reliability in efficiently draining turbo oil. Its resilient build ensures long-lasting performance in diverse turbo configurations.

Size Options Available: Available in different sizes, including Small Frame (38-44mm Slotted), Medium Frame (50.8mm), and Large Frame (52.4mm), offering options for various turbocharger configurations for enhanced compatibility.

Compatibility Details: Designed to accommodate -8 AN Drain 70mm Extension (TS-0804-1020), ensuring seamless compatibility and providing a dependable solution for extending turbo oil drain lines in conjunction with compatible setups.

For enthusiasts seeking a reliable and adaptable solution for turbo oil drainage, the Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain Adapter with Silicon O-Ring offers Australian-made quality, durability, and adaptability to 38-44mm slotted hole configurations. Its resilient construction and compatibility with different sizes make it an ideal choice for various turbo setups and ensuring efficient oil drainage.