Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain 70mm Extension -10 Male to -10 Port

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  • SKU TS-0804-1021

Product Description: The Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain 70mm Extension streamlines installation processes, serving as an efficient tool designed for mechanics seeking a swift and reliable turbo drain system solution.

Efficient Installation: This extension features a -10AN Male to -10AN Female end, reducing installation time significantly. Its design focuses on efficiency, allowing mechanics to accomplish turbo drain setups swiftly and effectively.

Performance-Oriented Design: Anodized in black for enhanced performance and durability, Turbosmart's expertly crafted Billet Turbo Drain Extension ensures not only efficient functionality but also a visually sleek appearance that complements its high-performance capabilities.

Quality and Reliability: Crafted with precision and expertise, this extension guarantees a high level of quality and reliability. Turbosmart's commitment to superior design and manufacturing ensures that this extension maintains exceptional standards, delivering reliability and functionality.

Versatile Solution: Whether you intend to extend an existing turbo drain system or establish a new one, Turbosmart's Billet Turbo Drain Extension offers a perfect solution. Its versatility makes it suitable for various turbo setups, providing an efficient and reliable drain extension solution.

For mechanics and enthusiasts seeking an efficient and reliable solution for turbo drain setups, the Turbosmart Billet Turbo Drain 70mm Extension with a -10AN Male to -10AN Female end offers streamlined installation, high-quality performance, and versatile functionality. Invest in Turbosmart for a reliable and efficient solution to your turbo drain system needs.