Turbosmart ALV40 Outlet Weld Flange: 6-1

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SKU: TS-0550-3114
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  • SKU TS-0550-3114

Turbosmart offers outlet weld flanges designed for the ALV40 Range of Fresh-Air/Bypass Anti-Lag Valves. These flanges are machined in-house by Turbosmart to facilitate the fitting of the ALV40 to various engine configurations, particularly suitable for 6 & 12 cylinder engines.


  • Outlet Port Size: 16mm

Available Options:

  1. 2-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3100
  2. 3-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3099
  3. 4-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3098
  4. 5-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3104
  5. 6-1 Outlet: TS-0550-3114


  • Proposition 65 Compliance: Contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
  • Important Emissions Note: This product is for "Race Only" use, limited to closed-course and open-course racing sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Verify legal use for the intended application and use.