Turbosmart ALV 1-3/4in Aluminum Inlet Pipe Adapter

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  • SKU TS-0550-3102

Product Description:

Upgrade your vehicle's performance capabilities with the Turbosmart ALV 1-3/4in Aluminum Inlet Pipe Adapter, meticulously crafted to facilitate the seamless installation of the Turbosmart ALV40 Anti-Lag Valve.

Precision-machined in-house by Turbosmart, these inlet pipe adapters are designed to accommodate the specific dimensions of the ALV40 Anti-Lag Valve. Engineered with premium-grade aluminum, these adapters ensure a perfect fit for a reliable and efficient integration, optimizing the performance of your vehicle's air intake system.

Enhance your vehicle's capabilities by combining the superior technology of the ALV40 Anti-Lag Valve with these precisely crafted inlet pipe adapters, delivering enhanced power and responsiveness to your engine.