Turbosmart 90 Reducer Elbow 2.50in-2.75in Black

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  • SKU TS-HRE9250275-BK

Product Description:

Elevate your engine's performance with the Turbosmart 90 Reducer Elbow 2.50in-2.75in in Black. This innovative 45-Degree Silicon Hose from Turbosmart is a high-performance solution designed for turbochargers and various engine applications.

Constructed with multiple layers of silicone, this hose boasts exceptional durability and resilience. Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, it maintains a constant temperature resistance ranging from -50 to 170 degrees Celsius (-60 to 340 degrees Fahrenheit). Pressure-rated up to 220 PSI and featuring a robust 5mm wall thickness, this hose offers reliability and endurance for demanding turbocharger and engine setups.

Its multi-layered design ensures superior performance, enabling it to endure higher temperatures and pressures compared to conventional silicone hoses available in the market. If you're seeking a durable and dependable silicone hose for your turbocharger or engine application, the Turbosmart 45-Degree Silicon Hose stands as the ideal choice.

Upgrade your engine's cooling system and turbocharger setup with the Turbosmart 90 Reducer Elbow, delivering durability, reliability, and superior performance for demanding applications. Order yours today to experience enhanced performance and durability in your engine bay.