Turbosmart 45 Elbow 2.00 - Black Silicone Hose

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  • SKU TS-HE45200-BK

Enhance your vehicle's performance and reliability with Turbosmart’s 45 Degree Silicon Hose Elbow. Crafted for high-performance applications, this hose features a robust multi-layered construction and a 5mm wall thickness, ensuring consistent temperature resistance between -50 to 170 degrees Celsius (-60 to 340 degrees Fahrenheit). Boasting a remarkable pressure rating of up to 220PSI, this hose delivers exceptional durability and endurance in various demanding conditions.

Turbosmart takes pride in engineering products that promise exceptional quality and performance. The 45 Degree Silicon Hose Elbow is a testament to this commitment, offering optimal reliability across different applications. Count on Turbosmart’s unwavering customer service, warranties, and dedicated support, empowering you to make your purchase with absolute confidence.

Important Legal Notices:

⚠️ Proposition 65 Compliance Statement: Turbosmart acknowledges its responsibility to caution customers and employees regarding certain products on this platform that contain chemicals recognized by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

⚠️ Important Emissions Note: Please note that this product does not hold a CARB EO #, rendering it unsuitable for sale or use in CA on pollution-controlled motor vehicles. It is designed specifically for racing applications, authorized for closed-course and open-course racing endorsed by recognized racing organizations. Any alternative use, including recreational off-road applications, might infringe upon local, state, and federal laws. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify the legal use of this product according to the intended application.