Turbosmart 3m Pack -3mm Vac Tube -Red

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  • SKU TS-HV0303-RD

Product Description:

Introducing Turbosmart's 3M Pack -3mm Vac Tube in Red, a versatile spare designed for seamless integration into any setup. Crafted from high-performance silicone, this hose is engineered to endure extreme temperatures from -50°C to 170°C (-60°F to 340°F), ensuring unwavering reliability and consistent performance.

With Turbosmart's commitment to durability and performance, this 3M Vac Tube in Red is a dependable spare, primed to withstand a wide range of conditions. Whether utilized for replacements or repairs, trust in Turbosmart's quality engineering to deliver reliability and steadfast performance whenever the need arises.

Key Features:

  • Length: 3 meters (approx. 9.84 feet)
  • -3mm Vac Tube in Red
  • Exceptional performance in extreme temperatures: -50°C to 170°C (-60°F to 340°F)
  • Constructed from premium-grade silicone for dependable performance

Equip your setup with Turbosmart's 3M Pack -3mm Vac Tube in Red, ensuring your system remains resilient and consistent across various conditions, backed by Turbosmart's reputation for quality and durability.