Turbosmart 2022+ Subaru WRX (FA24F) BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back

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The Turbosmart 2022+ Subaru WRX (FA24F) BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back is a revolutionary upgrade from the Multiple Award-winning Kompact EM Series, offering a seamless plug-and-play solution for your factory diverter valve on the 2022+ WRX 2.4L FA24F engine. This valve series is renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability, requiring no adaptors, hoses, or extra assembly for installation.

Employing proven billet valve technology, the Kompact EM Valve Series integrates an onboard proprietary solenoid system and internal pressure control channels, delivering a straightforward bolt-on and plug-in experience with complete OE integration and control. With no reference hoses, separate solenoids, or complex components, the installation process is effortless—just bolt-on and plug-in.

Benefit from unparalleled performance and reliability as these valves serve as direct replacements for factory diverter valves. The Kompact EM Valves address common faults associated with plastic factory valves, utilizing innovative Boost-Balance Valve Design to optimize sealing with increased boost levels. Featuring a Positive Seal O-Ring on the Piston’s face and Billet Construction, these valves effectively handle increased boost while ensuring enhanced responsiveness in diverse environments.

Key Features:

  • Boost-Balance Valve Technology
  • Patented integrated pressure control
  • True plug and play upgrade
  • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve
  • Billet construction with high-temperature o-rings
  • Available in Plumback or Dual Port options
  • USA Patent: 10,781,745
  • AUS Patent: 2018253619

Tailored specifically for the 2022+ WRX 2.4L FA24F engine, the Turbosmart 2022+ Subaru WRX (FA24F) BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back is a testament to innovation and performance, offering a seamless upgrade to optimize your vehicle's turbo system. For precise vehicle compatibility, explore Turbosmart's vehicle application list to ensure a perfect fit for your WRX.