Turbosmart 15 Subaru WRX BOV Smart Port Black

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  • SKU TS-0215-1018

Introducing Turbosmart's latest innovation, the Type 5 Dual Port BOV, tailored specifically for the 2015 WRX. This cutting-edge BOV features the revolutionary Smart Port drive-by-wire friendly staging technology, combining the responsiveness of a plumb-back valve with the high-performance benefits of a vent-to-atmosphere valve.

Smart Port System: The Smart Port system incorporates a new piston manufacturing process utilizing specialized alloys and coatings, coupled with a groundbreaking vent-to-atmosphere trumpet design. These innovations ensure swift response, enhanced sealing, quicker spool-up, and improved performance on modern drive-by-wire vehicles.

Smart Piston Design: Crafted from aerospace alloy, the Smart Port piston is lightweight, enhancing valve response. A military-spec coating reduces friction, making the BOV more responsive and extending its working life.

Smart Trumpet Design: The Smart Port trumpet allows a softer spring in the BOV body, aiding valve response to the plumb-back port while retaining the ability to vent to the atmosphere.

Warning - Proposition 65 Compliance Statement: Safety is a priority. Turbosmart issues a Proposition 65 Compliance Warning, informing customers and employees about potential exposure to chemicals recognized by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Important Emissions Note: This product lacks a CARB EO #, making it unsuitable for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled motor vehicles. It is designated as a "Race Only" product intended solely for competition use, limited to closed-course and open-course racing sanctioned by recognized organizations. Any alternative use, including recreational off-road applications, may violate local, state, and federal laws. Buyers are responsible for verifying the legal use of this product for the intended application.


  • BOV5 Dual Port / Smartport BOV
  • Vacuum Hose, Fitting & Clamps
  • Screw-in Blanking Port
  • Turbosmart Sticker

Upgrade your WRX with Turbosmart's Type 5 Dual Port BOV, marrying cutting-edge technology with high-performance capabilities. Order now for a responsive and powerful driving experience.