Turbosmart 1/8in NPT to Straight 1/4in Pushloc Stainless Steel

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  • SKU TS-0550-3053

Product Description:

Upgrade your boost control reference lines with the precision-engineered Turbosmart Stainless Steel Pushloc System. Specifically designed for high-performance street and race cars, this system excels in demanding environments, ensuring optimal functionality for your GenV External Wastegate range.

Crafted for superior performance and aesthetics, this system offers quick and effortless installation while delivering an exceptional appearance. The 1/8NPT Male Fittings seamlessly accommodate 1/4” / 6mm Tubing, providing durability and reliability with their stainless steel construction and Hi-Temp Viton O-Rings.

Available in various configurations, including Straight Fitting (TS-0550-3053), 90 Deg Swivel Fitting (TS-0550-3054), T Piece Fitting (TS-0550-3055), and Hi-Temp Nylon Tubing (TS-0550-3056), this system offers versatility and adaptability to suit diverse setups and preferences.

Elevate your boost control system with the Turbosmart Stainless Steel Pushloc Reference System, designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance applications while ensuring easy installation and an enhanced visual appeal.