Turbosmart 08+ Nissan R35 GT-R 7 PSI Internal Wastegate Kit

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  • SKU TS-0615-2072

Turbosmart's IWG75 Series Upgraded Wastegate Actuators are engineered to deliver unparalleled boost response for factory frame turbochargers. These actuators boast an increased 'Working Ratio' compared to stock components, translating to enhanced boost response throughout the RPM range.

Key Features:

  1. Working Ratio Enhancement: Increased 'Working Ratio' for superior boost response across the RPM range.
  2. Diaphragm Design: Proprietary Silicon Nomex Diaphragm ensures durability and reliability.
  3. Spring Options: Choose from a variety of springs, offering pressure ranges from 3psi to 26psi (optional).
  4. Construction: High-grade billet aluminum construction, stainless steel rods, and clevis for robustness.
  5. Locking Collar System: Turbosmart's Unique Locking Collar System for precise adjustments.

Available Versions:

  • 7psi / 0.50 BAR (Direct replacement for the factory item)
  • 19psi / 1.31 BAR
  • 24psi / 1.65 BAR

Compatibility Notes:

  • The 7psi version is a direct replacement for the factory item. Other versions will require tuning/calibration of the engine’s ECU.

Warning and Compliance:

  • Proposition 65 Warning: Turbosmart provides a Proposition 65 compliance statement regarding potential chemical exposure.
  • Emissions Note: This product lacks a CARB EO (Executive Order) number, indicating its "Race Only" designation. It is intended solely for competition use and may not comply with other regulations.

Supplied With:

  • 2 x IWG75 Wastegate Actuator
  • 2 x Vehicle Specific Mounting Bracket
  • Springs Pre-Fitted as per Description
  • Required Fasteners & Swivel Hose Barb

Ensure your turbocharged engine reaches its full potential with Turbosmart's IWG75 Upgraded Wastegate Actuators. Order now and experience the ultimate in boost response.

Note: Product information is based on the provided description and may be subject to change. Users should refer to the product documentation and consult with Turbosmart for the most accurate and up-to-date information.