RS-R 07-15 Infiniti G35/G37 4dr (PV36/KV36) Black-i Coilovers

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Introducing the Black-I Coilovers for Infiniti G37 4DR (2007-2015) – Transform Your Vehicle! Enjoy superior ride performance and aesthetic appeal with the Black-I series coilovers. Thanks to their innovative design, these coilovers maintain a smooth and comfortable ride even at extreme vehicle drop levels. With Black-I, you no longer need to sacrifice style for comfort. Get the perfect blend of stunning visuals and unbeatable ride quality. Show off the true potential of your Infiniti G37 with the Black-I coilovers, and experience uncompromising style and comfort everywhere you go.



Product Details:

Part Number: XBKN120M Compatibility: 2007-2015 Infiniti G37 4dr RWD Chassis code: PV36/KV36

Preset Approximate Height

Front: -25mm to -30mm Rear: -30mm to -35mm

Maximum Adjustment Range

Front: -20mm to -115mm Rear: -30mm to -90mm

Recommended Adjustment Range

Front: -25mm to -55mm Rear: -30mm to -45mm

Spring Rate

Front: 16.00kg/mm Rear: 13.50kg/mm

Additional Information

Dampers are 36 way adjustable in the front and the rear Warranty: 1 Year / 12,000miles from the day of purchase 


Make: Infiniti
Model: G37 4DR
Years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015