Recaro Pole Position N.G. Seat - Black Velour/Black Velour

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  • SKU 070.98.UU11-01

For professional racing drivers, the seat is a key factor in overall vehicle performance - from superior body support during extreme cornering, to enhanced comfort during long races, these seats provide a major competitive advantage. Additionally, they act as protective devices, keeping drivers safe from harm.

The RECARO Pole Position N.G. (FIA) combines performance and safety in an unparalleled way. Drawing on over five decades of racing seat engineering expertise, this seat offers unparalleled comfort, optimal protection, and support that holds the driver firmly to achieve their desired outcomes.

- FIA certified and crash tested
- Certified for 5 year's use in FIA-sanctioned races
- RECARO proprietary ergonomics: S-shaped backrest with "built-in" lumbar support that protects against spinal compression in high-impact accidents
- Aggressive thigh and torso bolstering
- Long-lasting, high-quality and flame retardant upholstery
- High-quality, durable foam
- Screw-mounted panels at belt slots
- Replaceable seat and backrest cushions
- Suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point harnesses
- Includes FIA-approved Pole Position N.G. (FIA) Steel Side Mount (item #7223825)

- Weight: 17 lbs / 7.7 kg
- Max height: 33.5 inches / 850 mm
- Max seat cushion depth: 31.8 inches / 810 mm
- Max seat cushion width: 15.2 inches / 385 mm