Recaro Pole Position N.G. Seat - Black Leather/Black Leather

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  • SKU 070.98.LL11-01

For drivers competing in racing, the seat is an integral component of the car. Optimal body support during high G-forces, comfort during extended racing periods, and safety features allow for maximum performance and protection from harm.

The RECARO Pole Position N.G. (FIA) combines performance and safety, combining 50+ years of racing seat technology to create a seat that is exceptionally comfortable, providing optimum protective support and keeping the driver securely in position.

- FIA certified and crash tested
- Certified for 5 year's use in FIA-sanctioned races
- RECARO proprietary ergonomics: S-shaped backrest with "built-in" lumbar support that protects against spinal compression in high-impact accidents
- Aggressive thigh and torso bolstering
- Long-lasting, high-quality and flame retardant upholstery
- High-quality, durable foam
- Screw-mounted panels at belt slots
- Replaceable seat and backrest cushions
- Suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point harnesses
- Includes FIA-approved Pole Position N.G. (FIA) Steel Side Mount (item #7223825)

- Weight: 17 lbs / 7.7 kg
- Max height: 33.5 inches / 850 mm
- Max seat cushion depth: 31.8 inches / 810 mm
- Max seat cushion width: 15.2 inches / 385 mm