Project Mu Skyline R33 RACING 999 Front Brake Pads (Brembo Caliper)

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  • SKU P9F206

Project Mu Carbon Triple-Nine Racing pads are excellent for time attack and sprint races. These pads are used on world-renowned Super GT GT500 and GT300 cars, providing amazing clamping force. Their optimal performance is seen during sprint races and time attack where peak braking is essential. Their effectiveness is even greater when utilized with a softer compound tire. Engineered based on detailed testing in GT races, the RACING999 brake pads provide unparalleled braking capacity and long-term fade-resistance.

SKU: P9F206


  • Material: Super Graphite Metallic
  • Applicable Rotor Temperature: 200∼800
  • Friction Coefficient: 0.42∼0.59