Project Mu Forged Sports Caliper Kit Nissan Silvia (6 Piston) Front 355x32mm Rotors

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The Project Mu Forged Sports Caliper Kit Nissan Silvia is optimized with eight synchronized pads, one for each piston, delivering outstanding braking performance. Strength is enhanced and cost reduced through the use of forged aluminum.

Project Mu, Japan's premier Brake Performance supplier, is pleased to announce their new Forged Aluminum Caliper Kit. Utilizing the latest in manufacturing and forging technology, Project Mu has developed a lightweight, resilient, and cost-effective caliper to significantly enhance braking performance. Based on the esteemed billet aluminum racing caliper kit, the Forged Aluminum Caliper Kit provides a full front brake system that easily bolts on.
Total length : 282.8mm / Total width : 156.25mm / Total height : 72.3mm

Materials, production methods: Aluminum alloy/Forged
Surface finishing: Hard alumite with powder coating
Piston diameter: 41mm
Rotor dimensions: 345mmx32mm/355x32mm
No. of pads: 4Pads / 1 Caliper

Caliper, Caliper Aluminum Bracket, Brake Pad, 2 Piece Rotor, Teflon Brake line, All bolts