Project Mu 2012+ Nissan GT-R R35 w/Brembo Calipers HC+ Front Brake Pads

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Experience the epitome of braking excellence with the Project Mu HC+ Front Brake Pads meticulously tailored for the 2012+ Nissan GT-R R35 equipped with Brembo calipers. Merging precision engineering with advanced materials, these brake pads redefine high-performance braking, delivering unparalleled stopping power and fade resistance even under the most demanding conditions. The HC+ compound strikes an impeccable balance between aggressive initial bite, temperature stability, and low dust emission, making them an ideal choice for spirited driving and track use. Elevate your driving confidence with the assurance of consistent and reliable braking performance, endorsed by the standards of automotive aficionados and experts alike. The Project Mu HC+ Front Brake Pads stand as a testament to unyielding dedication to superior braking solutions, embodying innovation, quality, and performance for the Nissan GT-R enthusiast.