NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Flat Bottom

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  • SKU ST-009CF/MB

The NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with a Flat Bottom is a high-performance aftermarket steering wheel designed for car enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Material: Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, this steering wheel is not only lightweight but also offers exceptional durability. The carbon fiber finish adds a sporty and modern touch to your vehicle's interior.

  2. Flat Bottom Design: The flat bottom design provides a sleek and aggressive look to the steering wheel. It's a popular choice among drivers who prefer a more performance-oriented appearance.

  3. Improved Grip: The ergonomic design and improved grip can enhance steering precision and control, especially during spirited driving or performance-oriented situations.

  4. Compatibility: While this steering wheel is designed to fit a variety of vehicles, it's important to verify compatibility with your specific make and model before making a purchase.

Upgrade your driving experience with the NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with a Flat Bottom, combining style, performance, and quality for an enhanced driving experience.