Momo Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Plate (2.5mm Thick)

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The Momo Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Plate is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the aesthetic and performance aspects of your steering wheel. This plate is constructed from high-quality carbon fiber and measures 2.5mm in thickness.

Key Features:

  1. Material: Crafted from premium carbon fiber, this plate offers both durability and a distinctive, high-end appearance.

  2. Thickness: The plate is 2.5mm thick, providing a balance between structural integrity and weight savings.

  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: The carbon fiber finish adds a sleek, modern, and sporty touch to your steering wheel, elevating its overall look.

  4. Performance: While primarily an aesthetic upgrade, the carbon fiber plate may also contribute to a slight reduction in steering wheel weight, which can enhance the responsiveness of your steering.

The Momo Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Plate is a great choice for automotive enthusiasts looking to add a touch of luxury and performance flair to their steering wheel. Please note that installation may require specific expertise, and compatibility with your specific steering wheel model should be confirmed before purchase.