Mishimoto 2022+ Subaru WRX Baffled Oil Catch Can

$269.95 $359.94

The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can helps reduce issues caused by forced induction, such as blow-by and the buildup of carbon on intake valves. It traps oil and other contaminants from the PCV system before they reach the intake, helping maintain octane levels in the combustion chamber. The 50-micron bronze filter and air diverter baffle work together to capture the particles, preventing their return to the intake system. This easy-to-install kit comes with a canister, black CNC-machined aluminum fittings, pre-formed hoses & a steel powder-coated bracket. Plus, the can is 100% washable for maintenance. Unlike many AOS systems, which drain blow-by back into the oil pan, this catch can permanently traps it. Each unit is backed by Mishimoto's lifetime warranty.

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