Mishimoto 09+ Nissan 370Z Baffled Oil Catch Can - Black

$465.95 $620.21


Boost the Performance of your 2009+ Nissan 370Z with the Mishimoto Direct Fit Baffled Oil Catch Can in Sleek Black. For Nissan 370Z fanatics who value engine performance and defending their vehicle, the Mishimoto Direct Fit Baffled Oil Catch Can in Black is a must-have accessory. Impressive Oil Containment: Carefully crafted, the Mishimoto Oil Catch Can collects and retains oil vapors and contaminants with supreme efficiency. Its special design makes sure thorough separation and keeps unwanted oil from reentering the engine, enabling a cleaner air intake and intensified combustion. This boosts power and engine effectiveness. Straight-Forward Fitment: The Mishimoto Oil Catch Can is designed to fit easily into your 2009+ Nissan 370Z. Its direct fitment guarantees a simple installation with minimal effort, saving you time. Stylish Black Finish: This eye-catching black finish adds fashion to your engine bay and wires up nicely with the look of your 370Z. It's not only about performance