HKS Type-R Canard Toyota 2022+ GR86 ZN8

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Expertly designed for high-performance, not just aesthetics. Carefully crafted fender width and sleek silhouette for achieving the quickest GR86 Time Attack. The use of CFRP in select areas enhances both performance and elegance.


  • The design of the HKS Type-R Canard for Toyota 2022+ GR86 ZN8 offers a more assertive appearance in contrast to the "HKS BODY KIT TYPE-S". Inspired by HKS's racing cars, this canard seamlessly blends elements of GT cars with that of a street car.
  • For optimal fit with 295mm tires, the front fenders have a +55mm addition, while the rear fenders have a +65mm addition.
  • This product incorporates an innovative design that combines elements of the GT car style with a more avant-garde aesthetic. A vortex generator is strategically placed to enhance stability at high speeds. The unique panel design allows for the use of the existing fuel lid without additional modifications. The panel can be easily secured with a quick fastener.
  • Front Under Panel: Additional front under-panel enhances the downforce while lowering drag.
  • Front Canards: Large carbon canards are adopted based on the experience of time attack machine.
    By generating a powerful vertical vortex, it helps to re-direct drag-inducing turbulent air away from the wheel wells and improves high-speed driving stability.
  • Fitting: Pursuit of better fitting from the early development stage by adopting 3D scanning and 3D CAD technologies.
  • Toyota GR86 2022

SKU: 53004-AT030