HKS Super SQV IV Suction Return Kit GR MKV Supra A90/A91 HKS Intake

SKU: 71002-AT005
$179.90 $200.00

  • The combination use of this kit makes it possible to recirculate the pressurized air into the intake section. Using this kit also meets the automobile inspection in Japan.
  • You can enjoy the back-flow sound from the air cleaner compared to when open to the air.
  • Commoditize 2 kinds of suction return kits for each type of vehicle equipped with the stock air cleaner, HKS Carbon Racing Suction, or HKS Cold Air Intake.
  • *kit includes the parts shaded in gray.
Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
GR SUPRA DB42 B58 19/10 - 71002-AT004 For the vehicle having the HKS Intake