HKS Plate T1.3 Set R35 Clutch

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  • SKU 27006-AN014

Introducing the HKS Plate T1.3 Set for the R35 Clutch, designed specifically for the 2008 Nissan GT-R featuring the VR38DETT engine. This comprehensive set includes four Plate Clutch Drive DCT.


  • Nissan GT-R VR38DETT 2008

Note: This set includes four 1.3mm thickness plates. The 1.3mm thick plate serves as the base plate for the clutch assembly. To fully replace one clutch, 18 plates of this thickness are needed. If 13mm is chosen for all plates, five sets are required. We recommend replacement if any errors are detected or if there's a malfunction in clutch engagement. Elevate your GT-R's clutch performance with the precision-engineered HKS Plate T1.3 Set for optimal function and reliability.