HKS GT5565-BB V band A/R 0.61 Turbo Kit

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  • SKU 14001-AK063

HKS GT5565-BB V-band A/R 0.61 Turbo Kit is designed to deliver powerful performance for inline 6, V8, V6 and inline 4 tuning engines. This turbo system opens up new possibilities in fields such as drag racing, drifting and track time attack, pushing the boundaries of power.


  • Compared to previous HKS turbochargers, this turbocharger provides a massive charging air flow despite the small diameter of both compressor/turbo wheels.
  • The V-Band turbo housing is made of stainless steel. (Material may vary from model to model.)
  • Recommended for those who use big singles for track day.
  • CHRA Bearings are ball bearings.
  • The GTIII-5R and 4R designs have a machined aluminum ported shroud that combines the bell mouth design and T51 R type recirculation channel to provide both anti-surging and smooth intake air flow.
  • A special, highly corrosion-resistant matt black coating treatment on the surface of the compressor housing prevents aluminum corrosion over time. It also combines with a champagne gold anodized ported shroud to unify the design exterior.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant matte black coating treatment: A highly corrosion-resistant matt black coating treatment is applied to protect the exterior of the compressor housing from corrosion. This coating is a surface treatment with the ability to provide no surface corrosion even after 240 hours in accelerated corrosion tests. (Combined cycle). In-house data
  • Bellmouth shape ported shroud: The ported shroud design inherited from the TO4Z and evolved in the GTIII-4R and 5R. The standard ported shroud has a piped inlet, but the bell-mouth shaped intake air flow channel with a wide inlet diameter is shaped as a "hole" to allow intake air to be taken in through the suction pipe. The structure also makes it easy to produce the turbo spool sound, also known as the T51 R sound. The volume and sound of the intake sound differs depending on the model. All models have HKS ported technology.