HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit for ZN6/ZC6

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  • SKU 14007-AT001

Introducing the HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit, precisely built for ZN6/ZC6 platforms. This state-of-the-art kit reflects HKS's dedication to taking automotive performance to new heights. Designed with precision, the kit optimizes fuel delivery to ensure superior performance. Increased power, responsiveness, and throttle control come together in this essential kit for drivers who crave a premium driving experience. The kit ensures seamless integration and an effortless direct replacement for stock components. The specialized parts in this high-quality kit are built to endure the intensity of intense driving. Transform your vehicle with the HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit and unleash the full potential of your ZN6/ZC6. Get your kit now and experience the difference.

Subaru BRZ
Toyota GR86
Scion FRS