HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit Z33 for GTSC Ver2

SKU: 14007-AN005


Introducing the HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit Z33, tailored specifically for the 2004-2007 350Z equipped with the GT Supercharger kit. This comprehensive gear is crafted to optimize fuel delivery, delivering a crucial upgrade to your peak-performance configuration. Precision-engineered and performance-oriented, the HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit brings out the best in your 350Z with the GT Supercharger - enjoy improved throttle response, amplified power output, and heightened overall drivability. Green-lighted for direct fit and hassle-free installation, it reduces downtime and lets you swiftly resume grinding the tarmac. Constructed with HKS's renowned quality and performance, this kit is fortified to take on intense driving. Rest assured knowing that HKS stands for reliability, durability, and incomparable performance. Take your 2004-2007 350Z with the GT Supercharger up a notch with the HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit. Release the full potential of your setup and experience a drive that's as electrifying


NISSAN 350Z Z33 2004-2007