HKS Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kit Suzuki Swift Sport 2017+

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  • SKU 70026-AS001

High-efficiency intake duct using high-quality carbon. It greatly supports the reduction of intake air temperature rise. The decrease in temperature can result in increased air density, providing a more efficient combustion process to gain more power out of your engine.


  • This cold air intake box uses 3K Weave Prepreg and it looks help to show reaching nature of the material.
  • Racing suction and cold air intake can also be purchased separately. We also support upgrades for those who have already installed racing suction.
  • Efficiently takes in fresh air and reduces the rise in intake air temperature.
  • This kit produces a sporty intake sound like an open type intake.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 2017+
  • Racing Suction is required.